Renewable energy funding

We have years of experience funding large scale renewable energy projects in the US and abroad.

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Grass Mountain Funding 

We offer direct access to quality business funding options such as equipment financing, contractor financing, business loans, and loans for large scale green energy projects such as wind and solar.

Business loans

We can offer you fast small business loans with a variety of loan packages with attractive terms from solid, ethical professional sources 

Solid REsults and High Integrity


  We offer the business owner or the commercial real estate investor access to our extensive contacts in the private or alternative business funding sphere. We have direct relationships with solid, ethical financial services organizations that can provide loans, joint ventures, and other forms of funding to business owners with business plans and good organizations in place.

  In today's financial climate, banks are extremely reluctant to loan to business owners unless they can provide substantial cash down and show years of cash flow or provide other forms of collateral. Yet many business owners are just getting started or have excellent ideas and track records but lack cash on hand.

   We are here to help you get your business capitalized so you can put your ideas into motion. The American economy depends on new ideas and motivated people with creativity. Our goal is to help people who want to do good things for their community.

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